Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Definition of a Zine

Via Hermana, Resist's blog, I found this great definition of what a zine is.

Zines are cut-and-paste, "sorry this is late," self-published magazines reproduced at Kinko's or on the sly at work and distributed through mail order and word of mouth. They touch on sex, music, politics, television, movies, work, food, whatever. They're Tinkertoys for malcontents. They're obsessed with obsession. They're extraordinary and ordinary. They're about strangeness but since it's usually happening somewhere else you're kind of relieved. You can get to know people pretty well through their zines, which are always more personal and idiosyncratic than glossy magazines because glossies and the celebrities they worship are so busy being well known

I love it! It apparently originally came from Chip Rowe, father of the zine Chip's Closet Cleaner.

Do check out Hermana, Resist for a call for submissions for a Voices Against Violence zine. I've submitted one of my articles first printed in the Rebel Grrl Zine: Survive Issue.